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Why choose Solar maid for your residential job?

Solar Maid is a nationwide professional solar panel cleaning & services company.
We are committed and focused on your solar assets and keeping them at peak performance.

If you are reading this, chances are you have had a noticeable reduction in solar power generation.  However, dirty solar panels are not always the only cause for energy generation reduction. There can be several other reasons for this. Damaged panels, disconnected wires, shading from trees, etc. all of which we address before beginning the job.

Our standard solar panel cleaning includes a hand scrub (brush) and DI water rinse. The hand scrubbing breaks up all the dirt on the panel so that it can be completely
rinsed clean. The DI (de-ionized) rinse water is nothing but pure water. It contains no dissolved solids to dry on your panels which means your panels will stay cleaner longer. When we are done, your panels will be clean and spot free for maximum sun energy. We also don’t use any harmful chemicals that will linger in your rain gutter or on your panels which could attract dirt faster.

Why clean solar panels?  Dirty solar panels produce less power.

Over time, dirt, debris, leaves, pollen, pollutants, bird droppings, etc. accumulates on your panels reducing their efficiency up to 30% (National Renewal Energy Laboratory). Regular cleaning of panels enhances light transfer and keeps your system performing at its optimum.

An in-depth analysis was performed by Google after capturing a year of data from their solar panel systems. The analysis can be found at Google Docs

Below are some of the important findings that can be learned from the analysis:
•    Rain alone does not clean dirt off horizontal non-tilted solar panels.  Rain, mixed with dirt that had settled on the solar panels does not drain well due to the solar panels’ frame structure. Cleaning of non-tilted solar panels resulted in tremendous gains in output.
•    Visual inspection of tilted solar panes indicates that rain does clean them quite well, however, dirt does accumulate in the bottom most corner of the solar panels.
•    Priority Recommendation:  Clean solar panels regularly, especially non-tilted panels located in dirty areas. Best time to clean panels is just before spring.

Additionally, 1/16 of an inch of dust on Photovteac systems can decrease efficiency up to 7%

Solar Maid Solar Panel Cleaning
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Solar Maid Solar Panel Cleaning